Why do you sell short period shelf life on your products?
Klei & Clay's value is produce a fresh natural skincare handmade by our founder and other artisan. We want to give the freshest product to your skin. 
Are Klei & Clay products suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes. We have serial products that suitable for sensitive skin.  
Why Bye Acne! Face Oil is not suitable for pregnant mom?
Actually, all of Klei & Clay's products are safe for pregnancy. We just written that Bye Acne! Face Oil is not suitable for pregnancy because we just want to warn you that some of pregnancy women have more sensitive skin than the others. Please consultation to our CS at Line@ Official: @kleiandclay (with @) before you place the item. 

Will there be more products in the future?
Absolutely yes, our goal is simply to produce fresh handmade natural skincare which can solve the skin problems issue especially in tropical climate area. We need more time to develop the products that suit to our value and give the best impact to your skin. Your voice are really matter to us, if you have any skin problem issue and want us to produce, simply contact us at info@kleiandclay.com . We'd love to hear your voice. 

Is Klei & Clay using preservatives?
It almost impossible that water-based skincare products that can stay more than 3 days without preservatives. We use natural preservatives that already approved by ECOCERT with 1% maximum limit to each product. It prevents any fungi and bacteria affected to the product that can't be seen by human eyes.  


For Press and Collaboration inquiries please reach our founder through email divanda@kleiandclay.com


Yes, we are accept reseller and retailer. For reseller we only give 2 slots of online shop in the same area, please check our reseller list on our Instagram Account and if there's no reseller on your area, kindly email to info@kleiandclay.com for more information. Retailer also send the same email as well.


We would love to hear from Kleive's voice to improve our brand, please kindly email your questions, critiques, or your testimonials to info@kleiandclay.com