About Us


Klei & Clay /KlaienKlei/ is natural skincare beauty company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by Divanda Gitadesiani, a formerly creative director, and model. Her enthusiasm about beauty, nature, and self-acceptance led her to build the company in 2017. She believes that nature is the best answer to all the problems that we have especially the skin. We use natural and organic ingredients from high-quality sources, there are no harsh chemical, no SLS, no paraben, mostly vegan ingredients (dairy-free) and last we do not use an animal for testing (cruelty-free).

Klei & Clay is not only a beauty brand but also the place for empowering women and men to more aware of acceptance within themselves. Our products are not based on races, skin types, and gender. It built from nature and for us. 

Vission and Mission:

1. Klei & Clay is a natural skincare beauty company that provide high-quality natural skincare products to help women and men with their's skin problem.

2. We empower others to accept who they are and bring positive vibes.

3. In the future, we are building our way to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly beauty brand. 

We are now still small family but we need you to make it bigger, if any products you would like to see added to Klei & Clay or something that can make our improve. Please reach out to email: info@kleiandclay.com